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Local Authorities: One Week Left to Complete the Special Pre-Registration Form!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

If you would like to establish a new special free school, you must register your interest by Monday 11 July. Only by registering your interest will local authorities (LAs) receive an application form.

Please note:

· You do not need to have all the final details about your proposed school at this point

· Information can be amended later in the application process

· The important thing is to register your interest if you would like to apply for one or more new special schools in your area – if you have not registered you may not be able to apply

After this, full applications must be submitted by Friday 21 October and successful LAs will be announced late 2022 - early 2023. If approved by the Department for Education (DfE), LAs will invite proposer groups/trusts to apply to open the school in early 2023. 

Why should you register your interest?

This special wave of free schools intends to support the government’s ambitions for levelling up opportunities to benefit all children and young people. Over the next three years, £2.6 billion will be invested to deliver new places and improve existing provision for pupils with SEND or those requiring alternative provision.

Special free schools have been driving up standards, creating more choice in the communities they serve and ensuring education is tailored and adapted to individual needs since they were first established. Free schools have also been integral in adding innovation and adopting new and successful approaches to teaching and learning.

Establishing a new free school in your local authority is an excellent way to meet growing demands for SEND places, foster key community links and ensure young people in your area have the support that they need!

Where can you register your interest?

You can complete the pre-registration form online here. This must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 11 July.

Where can you go if you have questions about the process?

Create: Schools is running an informal drop-in session for LAs seeking to find out more about the special wave of free schools. If you have any questions or would like further clarification on any of the above information, please do come along.

The drop-in is taking place on Wednesday 6th July, from 2pm to 3pm. You can register for this online event via the Teams link here.

Alternatively, get in touch with any questions by contacting, and one of our advisors will be happy to help.


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