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  • Imogen Phillips

Create: Schools Monthly News Round-Up

Our monthly Free Schools Round Up will provide you with last month’s education headlines, featuring key updates on each of the free school waves including free school and academy news highlights.


Key Updates on Waves

At Create: Schools we are able to offer free support with your application, if you require a review of your bid or have any further queries, please contact us via our contact form here.

AP Wave

The final deadline for AP partnerships to submit their applications passed on the 17th of February. Applications are now in the assessment stage, with successful submissions to be announced early autumn 2023.

Wave 15

The deadline has passed for mainstream application submissions and the interview stage of assessment has begun; therefore, it may be useful to begin interview preparation. If you would like support with interview preparation, please get in contact with our team of advisors in order to set up a mock interview. For further guidance please see our guidance for applicants blog.

Special Wave

In October 2022, the application window for the first stage of the special wave closed. Successful local authorities were announced earlier in the year and can be found here. The DfE plans to release the 'how to apply' guides for proposer groups shortly, formerly opening up the process to bids.


Free Schools in the News: This Month's Top Stories

Shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson announced Labour’s pledge to replace the current grading system of Ofsted in favour of a report card model. Phillipson unveiled the proposed system as a resolution to the current system, where there are ‘high stakes for staff, but low information for parents'.

In recent years, teacher vacancies have risen to their highest since 2010, alongside trends of unbearable workplace stress. Technology is being considered as a solution to finding a healthy balance of wellbeing and workload for teachers in order to avoid burnout.

Content taught in schools regarding sex education is under review. This follows concerns were raised by numerous MPs about potentially ‘age inappropriate’ content being discussed in lesson time.

The NEU have urged teachers to reject a government offer of a raise of 4.3% to school staff, arguing that this is equivalent to a real-terms pay cut.

Chatting and Cheating: Ensuring Academic Integrity, an academic paper was published in March, furthering the discussion concerning the use of AI technology in academia. The paper itself was written by ChatGPT, showing the high level of work the technology is capable of .

March 21st marked the annual, international celebration of poetry. Across the world, individuals celebrated poets and the teaching of poetry as an art form.


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