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Establish an Independent School

Fulfilling the Growing Demand for Specialised Education

In the face of increasing demand for high-quality educational options, especially in Alternative Provision (AP) and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) areas, the challenges in opening new academy class schools are significant. Establishing an independent school emerges as the optimal strategy to address these educational needs effectively.

Along with our partners at PAG, we leverage our combined expertise and extensive experience in school development to guide and support the establishment of independent schools across England. Our deep understanding of the motives, stakeholders, and essential processes ensures that every school we help to create is prepared for success. If you were unsuccessful in any of the free school waves, rest assured that there are still options available to you, and we would be delighted to introduce you to trusted partners who could aid your cause.


How to set up an independent school

We work closely with each organisation to understand their unique context and priorities, creating a bespoke combination of services to support their journey. This typically involves a four-stage process:

  • Feasibility study: We analyse market opportunities, conduct SWOT analyses, and provide go/no-go recommendations.

  • Business case: We help in detailed financial and operational planning and explore funding options.

  • Scoping and planning: We confirm timeline and funding, and assist in action planning and procurement.

  • Managing the opening: We guide you through regulatory and legal establishment, marketing, recruitment, and refurbishment.

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