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An Insight into Create: Schools’ Impact

Empowering Educational Success: Insight into Create: Schools’ Impact Across Mainstream, AP, and SEND Waves

In the realm of educational initiatives, the success of any program often hinges on the satisfaction of its applicants. In this post, we'll highlight key feedback points, Create: Schools' impact, and shed light on the positive aspects that drive our success. In this review of client feedback, Create: Schools is thrilled to share the positive experiences and valuable insights gained from applicants across various waves, specifically Mainstream, AP, and SEND.

SEND Wave 3 Bid Reviews

For the SEND Wave 3, 16 feedback surveys were analysed and a total of 134 bid reviews were conducted across 138 trusts. One standout statistic was the overwhelming satisfaction expressed by applicants towards Create: Schools’ service, where 40% of responders rated Create: Schools’ bid reviews 10/10.  Efficiency and responsiveness were frequently praised, with comments highlighting the service as "extremely fast and efficient".

Notably, all applicants indicated a willingness to recommend Create: Schools' services to others. Key words frequently associated with the service included "thorough", "responsive", "supportive", and "helpful". One applicant shared, "I found Create Schools’ support and advice very helpful. The staff are very personable and were very responsive whenever I had a query".

Create: Schools' advisors also garnered high praise, consistently described as responsive, helpful, and approachable. An impressive average rating of 9.31 out of 10 was given by applicants when assessing the supportiveness of advisors. Furthermore, 50% of applicants rated their lead advisor as 10/10, signifying strong approval and underlining levels of satisfaction.

Mainstream Wave 15

In the dynamic world of education, securing support for school initiatives is crucial. Create: Schools wrapped up its involvement in Mainstream Wave 15 last spring and feedback collated investigates the effectiveness of our services.

Based on 6 feedback surveys, Create: Schools' support received positive responses. More than half of the approved schools benefited from bid reviews and mock interviews provided by Create: Schools.

Create: Schools' advisors received an average rating of 9.50 out of 10 for supportiveness. Positive comments included, “Really helpful staff, on hand to answer queries. Ran great sessions on the sections of the bid”. Applicants faced challenges but Create: Schools provided solutions, with one applicant citing that “The process would have been extremely difficult had we not enlisted the help of Create: Schools. All the pressure of understanding what was required was removed and easily explained".

Alternative Provision Wave 3

Our recent dive into AP Wave 3 feedback has revealed valuable insights from 10 applicants who partnered with Create: Schools. Here's a straightforward breakdown of the findings.

We collected feedback from 10 applicants, and the consensus is clear – demonstrable satisfaction with Create: Schools' support during AP Wave 3. Applicants rated our service between 9 and 10, averaging an impressive 9.60 and comments highlighted the "excellent support throughout the process" and praised the "rapid and thorough" feedback provided.

The DfE application process was identified to have its share of challenges. Applicants were asked to rate the ease of the DfE application process, resulting in an average rating of 6.0. Seven applicants shared specific difficulties, including challenges with shared approaches, liaising with local authorities, tight deadlines, confusing forms, and discrepancies in guidance. Despite challenges, applicants acknowledged the invaluable support from Create: Schools.

Given the collaborative nature of AP Wave 3 applications, Create: Schools conducted Partnership Workshops for Local Authorities and Trusts. Three respondents confirmed participation, praising the sessions for their high quality, good structure, supported thinking, and overall helpfulness.

Responses to our final question on the overall experience were positive, with many applicants thanking their advisors. Some highlighted the thoroughness of the team, clarity in the application process, and the accessibility provided by Create: Schools.


In summary, Create: Schools has demonstrated exceptional efficacy in supporting educational initiatives across Mainstream, AP, and SEND domains. Notably, the feedback from SEND Wave 3 underscores a substantial 40% of applicants awarding a perfect score for our bid reviews. In Mainstream Wave 15, over half of approved schools availed themselves of our services, contributing to an impressive advisor rating of 9.50. Insights from AP Wave 3 echo a similar narrative, with an average rating of 9.60.

As an organisation, we are proud of the hard work all the applicants we have worked with have put in and to have achieved such feedback.


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